Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

Well it has been a while... I have been really busy and have had a lot going on..from getting christmas out of the way (really did enjoy it) to starting all over again with the New Year preparations. That was a night of ill ones.. acold seem to have caught most of us..yuck.

Stitching has been done and what a joy to see the faces of the family who has received them.

Started the New Year with a new resolution of going back to old favorites and getting into those WIPS and really finishing them for this year. I have dozens of them and will only say that I have limited my self to started small ones for special occassions like birthdays or holidays.. small ones only..lol.. well it is Jan so lets see how long that last.

Had some shockers this year already... Mortgage send me notice of raising my payment over $600 dollars.. nearly gave me an attack.. finally figured it out.. the Insurance company request double payment and they paid! You would think they would ask? I mean don't they live in the same place we do I hope no one else's insurance has doubled! .... though I guess nothing would surprise me... But lucky it is straighten out for the moment.. will know in a matter of weeks when I get the refund check to endorse to the escrow account. Of course I still have medical and over 9,000 in car bill due and no job.. depressing! better get back to the want ads..