Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm a glowing!

Actually Witchy Poo and Sister's are.. Thanks to a very lovely friend who located my much needed Kreinik Blending Filament (they glow in the dark) and had them shipped to me, I was able to start glowing last night.. :)
I didn't do as much progress as I thought I would because I was itching to glow.
Oh my, that filament is so guys know how careful you have to be to get it not to tangle...well, I did so well on the half moon on the left top corner and then I worked on the big moon with bat in the middle and it has two 2 different colores ...oppsy.. I had two bad tangles that after frogging I just said that's it.. it was late and the eyes were not working... I have been sick and this was just to much strain on them..
But, all in all, not bad..right? I figure as long as I do some progress it's better than no progress.
Oh, ugh, humph, I forgot to mention that I kept shutting off the light so I could see the glow...hehehe.. :) (wonder if that's what invited the frog..? sheesh ..

After Well, I am off to start my new piece for this week.. it is a gift for my kids..
I still have a month so hopefully I can finish it in time.. it's not difficult but hopefully it comes out good.. more details later..

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Coasters Are Finished!

Goodness I am finally finished with the 4th and last Coaster.."The Tree"..
I have been ill all week, lost my voice and then again of course the migraine (lucky not so severe).. I could only do a few stitches each day and then the eyes would throb, the head would start to split and I knew it was time to quit.
However, I persisted a little each day and the payoff was great... "The Tree" is now done and it will join "Santa, Snowman and The Ornament" hip hip I changed the design a bit.. I added two presents and made a string of gold garland and added some purple iridescent beads.. it really looks better up close with the flash.. you can click the image and see it much better if you like.
Designer: Unknown (came with coasters)
Stitched: On 16ct White Aida
Floss: DMC recommended colores
Kreinik Gold Metallic Blending Filament
Additions: 00252 Mill Hill Beads and added 2 gifts to design.
Started: 10-20-08
Finished: 11-21-08

The bears who reside on the loveseat insisted the should be included.. it is after all their home.
This was a fun project and I really enjoyed it, just life's interruptions insisted on delaying their debut.. My dh is really happy that I finished since he has seen so many WIP's (since my illness) that he was beginning to think I had turned into a starter not a finisher.
Now I will start a few new projects, one is for my kids and another for my dh..
Need to gather my materials and will probably start on the weekend...

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mr. Frog came to visit and stayed!

I did however manage to finish the alphabet for Witchy Poo and Sisters (really called "Gather for a Spell" ) so I feel that I did something but I just know I could have done much more *sigh*.
After a few false steps I finally got into the swing and was feeling good when I got the " Y & Z" I realized that the space was 1-2 stitches over...I boo-boo...but I am not gonna take them out, somehow I will adjust the pattern accordingly..(crossing all fingers and toes)...

On the good news front I did finish another coaster the ornament..yippie... just one more to go.. Of course my dh now decides that he would love to see them in a pillow!..
And I thought I was thru with this project...oh well.

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plus I love it and could use the encouragement :)
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Updates on my Coasters


Took some time between chores and life altering decisions to do a little stitching and managed to finish Coaster number 2 "Snowman"..
He was easy but hard since I should have really checked out the size was just a little too big for the actual circle in the least that what I feel since I had to do a little squeezing here and a little fiddling there to get it to fit after my name and year, but I did it. Not to my wishes but pretty... I am satisfied.. lol no choice!
Started the third and after checking the size fit..I have made the first is an ornament and I will post pictures later..

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